Law is the art of goodness and equity

Ius est ars boni et aequi

The law firm

Our lawyers have extensive experience in all major branches of law and have skills which allow them to realise complex tasks. We enjoy working with clients active in diverse industries – we are always open to enhancing our knowledge and up to new challenges. We are a cohesive team which is dedicated and professional in performing our work. Each team member is a seasoned lawyer with experience gained throughout years of legal practice. In each of the areas of our practice we perform services also in a transborder context, if necessary, in collaboration with foreign law firms.

Our specialisations

Civil Law

Within the scope of the said area, the law firm deals with payment disputes, consumer disputes, property rights, inheritance issues and family law conflicts (divorces, alimony, assets division, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements).
Business Law

The law firm advises in all legal matters related with running of a business, taking into account the specificity of the given industry and environment in which the companies of our clients function. We also provide legal services and support to our clients in concluding strategic investment transactions.
Insurance Law

We offer legal support in claims recovery: for damage to persons, for damage to property, damages related to transport accidents (including the ones which took place abroad), farmstead accidents, medical malpractice, work related accidents as well as occupational disease.
Criminal Law

The law firm handles defense in criminal cases, in fiscal offenses cases as well as in misdemeanor cases. Moreover, we represent the victims and in the court proceedings – the subsidiary prosecutor. If the client so wishes, we prepare private indictments as well as provide support in cases pertaining to sentence deferment and prison leaves.

About Me

Przemysław Pięta

Solicitor (radca prawny) entered on the list kept by District Chamber of Solicitors in Krakow, under the no. KR-3145 - founder of the law firm. He has experience in provision of legal advice to entrepreneurs active in the services industry, automotive industry, TLS and the insurance sector. His main focus are court disputes, pretrial negotiations and court enforcement of receivables. In the law firm he deals in particular with cases within the field of business, civil and criminal law, as well as establishing court strategies. He speaks English.

Our Team:

Tomasz Piłat

Solicitor (radca prawny) entered on the list kept by District Chamber of Solicitors in Krakow, under the no. KR- 2527. He has experience in providing legal advice pertaining to accounting and book-keeping, business law and civil law. His main focus are tax issues.


Radca prawny Przemyslaw Pieta solicitor registered
at the Krakow Bar Association

(No. KR - 3145)


Przemyslaw Pieta Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego
30 - 533 Kraków Rynek Podgórski 2/7

tel. 0048 509 833 366


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